Chicken Incubator | Mini Incubator

42 Eggs,56 Eggs,98 Eggs Chicken Egg Incubator, Chicken Incubator, Poultry Incubators, Small Egg Incubator, Mini Incubator


1.Chicken Egg Incubator Capacity: 42 Eggs,56 Eggs,98 Eggs with egg tester inside. Usage:Chicken,Quail,Duck,Bird.

2.Chicken Incubator, Power:80 W.Voltage:12V,110V,12V&220V,220V.Weight:5KG.Egg Turner:Automatic Per 2 Hours.

3.Poultry Incubators, Display:LED.Alarm:Temperature&Humiditity Alarm.Full Automatic:Automatic egg-turning and temperature control.

4.Small Egg Incubator, Hatching Rate:More than 98%.Warranty:12 months.Lift Span:6-8 years.Packge:Carton package with foam inside.