Vet Wrap 10cm, 7.5cm, 5cm, 2.5cm

Vet Wrap 10cm, 7.5cm, 5cm, 2.5cm, Vetwrap, Vet Tape, Vet Bandage, Bandage Wrap, Vet Wrap Bandage, Vet Tape Wrap


1) Vet flexible cohesive elastic bandage wrap,which is for veterinary wound care dressings such as horse,dogs and cats.

2) Vetwrap, Tear by hand easily,Good elasticity,Easy to remove, adheres to itself, non-sticky to hear or skin,hair or clothes, no pins or clips needed.

3) Vet Tape will not loose by sweat or water.Available in various Printed patterns and color.

Specification 1) Vetwrap, Materials: 95% non woven;5% spandex,Fabric weight:30g/sqm,35g/sqm.Glue:latex.

2) Vet Wrap 10cm, 7.5cm, 5cm, 2.5cm, Adhesive strength >1.5N or customization according to the sample,Elasticity ratio:1:2±0.3,it keeps wrapping not loose by itself also blood circulation smoothly.

3) No Chewing Bandage is with the bittering agent, so the Bandage with a bitter taste, which can reduce the risk of the animal bitting and chewing the wrappings.

4) Packing:Individual OPP Bag Packing,Customer's Logo Printing Available.Validity time:24months.

Item No. Specification Rolls/Inner Box Rolls/Carton Carton Size
BA92802 2.5cm x 450cm 24 576 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm
BA92802 5.0cm x 450cm 12 288 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm
BA92802 7.5cm x 450cm 12 192 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm
BA92802 10cm x 450cm 12 144 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm

Vet Wrap

Vet Wrap(peel strength stronger >2.5N) used for big animal especial in dairy cattle hoof trimming - Claw Bandage and horse hoof care - Horse Cohesive Bandage. Vet Bandage(peel strength:1.5N ) used for pets such as dogs and cats.

The most popular for veterinary hospital and clinics,horse club, agriculture shop.