Latex Surgical Gloves | Surgical Gloves

Latex Surgical Gloves, Sterile Powdered Latex Surgical Gloves, Sterile Powdered Free Latex Surgical Gloves


1.Natural high quality latex.Low Protein Content.High strength and elasticity.Lightly Powdered or Coating for easy donning.

2.Left/Right Hand Fitted for highest comfort.Beaded cuff and smooth external finish with palm texture.Sterile.AQL 1.5.

3.Quality standards:Complies with ASTM D 3577(USA Related product).Complies with EN455 and ISO 10282.CE certificate.


1.Type: Powdered or powder-free, sterile.Material: Nature latex.Colour: Nature

2.Model: Left Right hand, with rolled rim

3.Storage: Protect from heat, humidity, strong light and ozone

Caution: after donning, remove powder by wiping gloves thoroughly with a sterile wet sponge, towel or other effective method.

Type Palm Width(mm) Minimum length(mm) Weight(g) Edge of coarse(mm) Minimum thickness(mm)
6" 77±5 260 18g +/-0.3g 1.5~2.0 Smooth on average≥0.29
Textured on erage≥0.30
6.5" 83±5 260 18g +/-0.3g
7" 89±5 270 20g +/-0.3g
7.5" 95±5 270 20g +/-0.3g
8" 102±6 270 22g +/-0.3g
8.5" 108±6 280 24g +/-0.3g
9" 114±6 280 24g +/-0.3g


Latex Surgical Gloves is used in medical and health, surgical operation and so on.